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Fritz and Ulli wine during festivities of Bambi award 2018

Fritz & Ulli Wine - A Bambi for Ching Chang Chong

December 22nd, 2018 | Landgänge

Two young winemakers, three wines and lots of stories. Fritz & Ulli tell stories with their wines. Exciting and amusing. The labels and names of the wines outline adventures in Tanzania, China and Thailand. If we did not know that the two young men are winemakers and not sailors, one could think the stories are smooth enough for sailor’s yarn…

Fritz & Ulli Wine - A Bambi for Ching Chang Chong

This post contains – unpaid – advertising for wine. Concerning risks and side effects, please, as always, question the winemaker of your trust.

We meet Fritz & Ulli on our Palatinate tour. Actually they are called Alexander and Felix, are brothers, 22 and 25 years old and grew up on the winery Ullrich in the tranquil southern Palatinate town Pleisweiler. One studies viticulture and oenology, the other has completed his training as a winegrower. Together they travel and make wine. More precisely, three wines. On nearly one hectare of vineyards they have concentrated on Riesling, Pinot Noir and Rosé. So far.

Wines with wit

The inspiration for their wines they learn on the road, on distant beaches, in remote areas. Two guys who cannot be more sympathetic and authentic. Easy, open and communicative. It is easy to imagine how quickly they get into conversation with the country and people, how friendships develop, even if one does not speak a common language. With their wines, they hold memories and convey a sense of adventure and wanderlust.

Even high-paying marketing strategists could not come up with these stories. Fritz & Ulli, they happened to experience them “just like that” on their travels. And that’s how they tell about it, while they pour us their 2107 Riesling Ching Chang Chong. Completely unpretentious and very authentic. We are impressed by the carefree way of life and ease of the mid-20s. But also impressed by their wines, which only by the equipment and the attention to detail already arouse desire and anticipation.

"Ching Chang Chong" - Fritz & Ulli in China

Fritz & Ulli’s Riesling pays homage to a visit to the night market in Kunming, the “City of Eternal Spring”. A story that tells of Chinese nightlife with locals, many, many rice schnapps and an adventurous ride home on a scooter taxi. Of heavily armed Chinese guards, a barrier, youthful recklessness and the long, arduous way home on foot (and in the state).

The label of “Ching Chang Chong” tells exactly this story. “Our 2017 Riesling has a special aroma: a lot of ripe peach, exotic fruit and apple. It goes perfectly with the Asian cuisine,” Fritz tells us. And Ulli adds: “The wine reminds us of an incredible night in Kunming. Therefore the name.”

"Mango Tree" - Fritz & Ulli in Thailand

After we had tasted Riesling and Pinot Noir in the Palatinate, we ordered for home from all three wines. At the end we were most surprised by the Rosé Mango Tree. Probably because we did not really have rosé wines “on our screen”. So far. We have been completely convinced by a well-cooled Mango Tree as a pairing for tuna tartare with cucumber and a slight wasabi mayonnaise. And here again a special travel experience was the inspiration for a wine.

Fritz & Ulli get to know Schat on a scooter tour over a small island in the southeast of Thailand. They make friends. Schat wants to open a newly built club. Spontaneously, the two organize an inauguration party for the new “Mango Tree Club”, a huge tree house in the middle of a mango tree. As great as the tree house, the club and the lavish party, so great is this rosé. Aromas of wild berry, raspberry and mint make it a wonderfully exotic summer wine – an ideal complement to fish and vegetarian dishes.

Incidentally, the Fritz & Ulli logo was also created on a journey. To Tanzania. But that’s another story again…

Three vintages, three trips. Three fine wines.

The destination of their next trip, Fritz & Ulli determine with “Ching, Chang, Chong” or “Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck”, the old children’s game. Whoever wins determines the destination. The loser is picked up with a packed backpack to the airport and only there learns where the journey is going.

One thing is for sure, there will still be many trips and many stories from Fritz & Ulli. Where the journey is going on in terms of their wines is also clear to us: towards success. First awards have already been made: For example, gold for the Pinot Noir Mambo! at the Berlin Wine Trophy 2018 and at Mundus Vini. Furthermore gold for Ching Chang Chong at the Asia Wine Trophy 2018.

In addition, the sympathetic brothers have already gotten a Bambi. Well, almost. Fritz & Ulli presented their Riesling Ching Chang Chong at the VIP Aftershow Party at this year’s Bambi Awards. In royal company of the South Palatinate wine queen and in their smart evening suit, the two also made a good figure there!

Incidentally, all wines can be ordered online directly from Fritz & Ulli. On the website you will also find the complete stories about the wines.

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