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My husband is a Captain. I’m so to speak the “wife of the captain”. At home there’s every evening a captain’s dinner… at least, if my husband is ashore or we are on board. We love this ritual: we cook together with the children, eat, spend time together and enjoy. Cooking is my passion. And travel – this brings the life of a sailor family so.

Grew up with good, down-to-earth food from grandma’s and mom’s kitchen and without Facebook and Google, today I like more than ever to enjoy: cooking, trips, restaurant visits, theatre and (cook) books. Joy of good ingredients, proper and skilled preparation and common meals. Knowledge to share, especially on young people, that‘s important to me.

As press and communication officer of a large German shipping company I was also responsible for crisis communication for many years. In such a job, it is important to get to the point. And so I write recipes today: clear, logically, without many words – a clear guide to cooking success, not a novel.

This is true also on travel: brevity is the soul of wit. A shore leave is rarely longer than five hours. That means either explore cities in a short time or hang out at a good restaurant ashore – followed by a captain’s dinner in any case.

Gabel Messer




Wife of the Captain


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All photos in this blog are made by myself. If not, it is mentioned in the caption. No dish is artificially revamped, all dishes are photographed just before dinner – with all the necessary time pressure (“When do we eat at last?” “If you carry on taking photos for long, everything will be cold!”) and everything that entails.


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