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Auberge de Temple - arrive and never want to leave again

November 14th, 2017 | on the road

You have ever arrived at a hotel and have said to your loved ones: “Okay, change of plans: we just stay for three days at the hotel, enjoy the beautiful rooms, sauna and in the evening we indulge ourselves in this magnificent restaurant.” That happened to us, as we have some detours on the way to the Frankfurt book fair, where I should cook in the gourmet Gallery, at the Auberge de Temple. This hotel is a dream!

Auberge de Temple - arrive and never want to leave again Auberge de Temple - arrive and never want to leave again

There are no coincidences in life and that’s probably why the Captain and his wife should fetch up in exactly this hotel… Initially we had booked a hotel in Aschaffenburg near to Frankfurt, which unfortunately was not available for us due to a double booking. We learned about that on our arrival in Aschaffenburg at 5 pm. The alternative offered by the on-line portal was not agreeable . Due to Frankfurt book fair there was almost no hotel available. Then I remembered an entry of the „gourmet“ restaurant guide which I had studied intensively during our journey. There was a restaurant where I wanted to dine in any case. It was located near to Aschaffenburg and was described as “delightful ensemble of hotel, art gallery and restaurant“.

One of the six (!) Room was actually still available! The junior suite “Charles de Temple” – behind the door with the number 7 an incredibly tastefully furnished, huge room in the most beautiful shades of Turquoise is waiting for us. A state telescope (which enjoyed the Captain‘s heart) opens a wonderful view in the Spessart (range). The room leaves nothing to be desired: a small balcony, a desk, a wonderful daybed, water, fruit, coffee, tea, pastries, a very tasteful bathroom and – the absolute highlight – a spiral staircase reaches one a sauna, probably the highest Sauna of area with a fantastic view over the landscape.

As we do not like buffets we were absolutely delighted about the breakfast in the Auberge de Temple: They serve it individually to your table. Great!

And then the food… Another dream! The recommendation from the “gourmet” restaurant guide was perfect. Ludger Helbig and his team know how to make their guests happy. We felt so much at home in his casual fine dining restaurant „Helbigs Gasthaus“ that we had our dinner there all three evenings. That’s quite contrary to our usual habit. The gourmet menue was simply unbeatable.

  • Canelloni stuffed with saddle of rabbit, cream of artichokes, fig confit and crustacean sauce
  • Lemon gras-polenta cream soup with Anapurna Curry and roasted pork belly
  • Breast of Étouffée pigeon with burgundy truffle, pumpkin puree and baby Swiss chard
  • Langres with shalott-grape confit and baked sourdough
  • Variations of passion fruit, banana and nougat


Together with the fantastic matched wines, the menu was a feast for all senses! As the whole hotel. We did not often see a restored building with a similar harmonious concept. You realize that everything is “from one source”. The room, color and light concept is unique. Only the lighting in the room bothered us a bit. For people who read not only on monitors, but like old-fashioned books or magazines, there is no adequate reading light. But the fact is probably that most people watch TV. You could have let away the TV in turn from our point of view. It looked like a foreign body in the beautiful atmosphere. And, let’s not watch TV.

“This is not like to stay overnight but live, feel, make holiday. Perhaps this is the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in“, my husband said. This feeling was underscored by the warm and friendly hosts and attentive staff. Or have you been asked ever upon departure, whether you want to take a bottle of water for the trip?

We do not want to complain about the “sponsoring” of the difference to our hotel actually booked through the booking portal at this point. One thing is certain: we will not have been the last time in this hotel, even without sponsorship.

With this post I take part in the  blogparade of the German travel blog “Op jück”. Bettina’s topic is Which hotel room did you never forget?

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