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Burger buns

burger buns homemade

February 19th, 2019 | main dishes

A burger is only as good as its buns. If you want to prepare “fast food” at home, then please with homemade bread rolls. Everything else is not worth the effort. And hey, then it’s almost “slow food”. Here is the recipe for the best burger buns in the world…

burger buns homemade

This post has been planned for a long time for today. Well, last Saturday, I was visiting bread sommelier Wolfgang Heyderich in his bakery and now, I do not even know if I can call these burgers rolls the “best in the world” any longer. After what I learned there about dough handling, and bread qualities, I have become quite meek with my rudimentary baking skills…

Nevertheless, I have the recipe for ages in my notebook. And we always loved the buns with a variety of fillings. Yes, O.K., the 6 yolks are maybe a small material battle… admittedly. But I always use the egg white elsewhere, for example for Amaretti biscuits (I’ll upload the recipe for that soon).

Anyway, they are wonderfully yellow, wonderfully fine-pored, and simply delicious. Have fun with baking and enjoy your burgers!

Burger buns homemade

(makes 12 small rolls)

500g flour
press a well into the flour
30 g of yeast
crumble into the well
200 ml of lukewarm milk
2 TS sugar
add the milk and sugar to the yeast, mix to a dough, allow to rest covered with a cloth for 30 minutes in a warm place
6 yolks
100 g soft butter
1-2 ts salt
add to the dough, allow to rest for another 30 minutes
form 12 - 16 small rolls, place on a baking sheet lined with baking paper
2 egg yolks, whisked
brush the dough pieces with the egg
sesame seeds
sprinkle the rolls with sesame seeds, let them rest for another 20 minutes
bake at 200° C for about 15 minutes


The rolls can be frozen very well, for example, for a barbecue party or a children’s birthday.

Airtight packed in freezer bags you can keep the buns for some weeks. After thawing, moisten with water and bake briefly at 200° C until they are crispy or roast the halves in a contact grill or on the charcoal grill.

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