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Dorade in Orangen-Knoblauch-Sauce / Dorade with orange and garlic sauce

Dorade with oranges and garlic

September 19th, 2018 | main dishes

A dream of a fish! Roasted as a whole in the oven, this sea bream bathes in orange and lemon flavors, fine fennel is reminiscent of the last Mediterranean holiday…

Dorade is ideal for grilling or baking in the oven. As Dorade royale, Dorade rosé or gilthead they are displayed at the fishmonger. We especially loved this dish with citrus fruits and a lot of garlic – and it’s also very easy. So: definitely recommended for imitation!

Dorade with oranges and garlic

(4 portions – Preheat oven to 220° C)

1 Dorade rosé (1,200 – 1,500 g)
wash, pat dry
10 sprigs of lemon thyme
3 garlic cloves, sliced
salt, pepper from the mill
stuff the thyme and garlic into the fish belly, salt and pepper vigorously, and place the fish in an ovenproof dish
4 organic oranges
1 organic lemon
peel off the peel of one orange and one lemon with a zester
squeeze two oranges and half a lemon
fillet two oranges, saving the juice, and set aside
4 TS olive oil
1 ts fennel seeds
125 ml white wine
100 ml fish stock
3 garlic cloves, sliced
mix with the orange and lemon juice, place over the fish in the ovenproof pan
cook the fish at 220° C for approx. 25-30 minutes, occasionally sprinkling with the liquid (the fish is done when the dorsal fin can be pulled very easily)
remove the fish from the sauce and keep it warm in the (switched off) oven
heat the orange fillets and the citrus peels in the sauce
salt, pepper from the mill
brown (vanilla) sugar *
4 stems of flat leave parsley, chopped
season the sauce with salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar, arrange the bream with the sauce and serve garnished with parsley

* I always have a supply of brown vanilla sugar at home, read about it here at the end of the post.


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