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Really wild wild herbs salad

June 23rd, 2018 | side dishes

What they sell on the domestic German markets as “wild asparagus” botanically is no asparagus. Of course wild asparagus exists, and I know it from my time in northern Spain, where we collected the wild asparagus in nature. Here in Germany, however, the flower sprouts of the Pyrenean Star of Bethlehem are offered under this term, mostly grown in France. And it is really delicious. Raw or steamed, it tastes very intense. For a wild herb salad a “snappy” enrichment.

Basically I process every herb from my garden or the market in wild herb salads: rocket salad, glasswort, chervil, chives, watercress, ice plant – there no limits to your phantasy and joy of experimentation. It’s fun to combine and try again and again.

By the way, young goutweed also tastes good, but unfortunately we cannot eat as much as we have in the garden …

Wild Herbs Salad with Wild Asparagus

(4 portions)

4 TS white wine vinegar
1 ts mild mustard
pepper, salt
2 ts of agave syrup
3 TS orange-olive oil
5 TS mineral water
mix all ingredients into a dressing (see tip below)
½ bunch of wild asparagus
cut into 3-4 cm long pieces
½ bunch of spring onions
cut into rings
1 orange
peel, removing the white skin as well, cut out fillets
wild herbs (eg rocket salad, baby spinach, ice plant, glasswort, chervil, chives, watercress)
arrange herbs, spring onions, orange and wild asparagus on a plate, mix with the dressing


I use empty twist-off glasses to prepare my salad dressings. Fill in all ingredients, shake, done. If it happens to be too much salad sauce, the remains can be stored directly in the glass – chilled for the next salad.

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