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Schupfnudeln means potato noodles. Here they are served with minced meat, apples and a horseradish-dip.

Schupfnudeln - Autumn Soulfood

October 25th, 2018 | main dishes

“Schupfnudeln” is a typical German dish. We talk about fingershaped dumplings made of potoatoes. This recipe combines these dumplings with minced meat and apples – very simple. But often the simple dishes are the most popular ones. Especially with children. Same with our stir-fried Schupfnudeln with apples. Our son and daughter have been crazy about this dish since childhood. Apple and horseradish anyhow are a perfect pair, endive salad as a vegetable and a quick horseradish dip provide the freshness kick.

Important in the preparation is to fry the apples for a very short time at the end, otherwise they will fall apart. Then, it still tastes good, but it does not look that nice anymore.

Stir-fried Schupfnudeln with apple and minced meat

(serves 4)

3 ts grated horseradish (fresh or out of the glass)
200 g sour cream
salt, pepper from the mill
½ ts sugar
1 ts lemon juice
stir to a dip, season with lemon juice
400 g organic ground beef
3 TS cooking oil
fry the meat in the hot oil
2 onions, chopped
add the onions, fry in about 8-10 minutes until crumbly, spice with salt and pepper
100 ml meat stock (preferably homemade)
deglaze the meat with the broth, keep warm
750 g “Schupfnudeln” fresh potato noodles (homemade or from the cooling counter)
3 TS butter
fry the potato noodles in the butter until golden brown
2 red-skinned apples
cut unpeeled into thin slices and add to the noodles, fry
½ head of endive salad (alternatively romaine lettuce)
cut into fine strips
mix the meat with the dumplings, apples and salad and serve with the horseradish dip

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