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Happy winners! A hot dinner event in Hamburg!

November 10th, 2017 | on the road

Normally I never win anything. I thought. But indeed, some weeks ago I had really won two tickets for the base camp of Hamburg’s „Kitchen Guerillas“ in a weekly newspaper called „die ZEIT“. Unbeleavable! Since my Captain was at sea, my son benefitted from spending that evening together with me. The motto was „Thrill your food!“. The „mobile cooking unit capturing kitchens from Hamburg to Istanbul“ showed what happens when hot sauces meet German traditional dishes. Some 60 winners from all over Germany met and the atmospere was relaxed. Great gain, keeping in mind that our Captain is the only one in our family who loves really (!) hot food…

Happy winners! A hot dinner event in Hamburg! Happy winners! A hot dinner event in Hamburg!

It was a really tough evening: The shop floor was decorated with hundreds of chili plants and one could taste a variety of Tabasco-Cocktails and the mash all Tabasco sauces are based on. A fiery issue, I can tell you! Some brave ones even took a bite from different chili pods. No, we saved our taste buds fort he delicious menue to come:

  • Crostinie wit mousse of dried tomatoes and goat’s cheese, with caramelized crunch of fiery almonds with Tabasco sauce
  • Pea soup with Habanero beetroot, marinated in Tabasco Habanero sauce
  • Pannfisch [typical Hamburg fish dish] with caviar-mustard, Guerilla-potatoes and sauce „hot“landaise with Tabasco sauce
  • Holstein meadow veal in herb coating and creamy kraut with Tabasco Chipotle sauce
  • Avocado-Jalapeno ice cream with Tabasco Jalapeno sauce and chocolate cake

Every course was real pleasure. The spiciness was perfectly balanced and not dominating the dish. I enjoyed especially the contrast between the really hot beetroot and the velvety fine pea soup. And what about kraut and Tabasco? Well, my grandma would not have liked it. For sure. But the smokey hot aroma pimped the kraut enormously! I definitely will experiment with this fine spicininess in the future.

All in all, a great event! Great location, great dishes, great spiciness, great guests… simply a hot evening!

My suggestion: Just enter a competition once in a while, it’s cool to be a winner…

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