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Show-Cooking auf der Frankfurter Buchmesse

Show-Cooking – and I did not shed any tears

November 28th, 2017 | collaboration

„In the show kitchen of Frankfurt book fair it smelled like garlic and vanilla at the same time. It was mouthwatering for the people sitting in front of the cooking area.“ These are the opening words of an article of the December issue of health food magazine „Schrot & Korn“ about my performance in the Gourmet Gallery at Frankfurt book fair. The issue will be published on November 28th, it is available gratis in all German organic markets. And I did not shed any tears at all.

Show-Cooking – and I did not shed any tears Show-Cooking – and I did not shed any tears

„Schrot & Korn“ is a German health food magazine the name means something like whole grain & corn. They have been at this year’s book fair in Frankfurt for the first time and they made a competion: Topic was avoiding food waste and they looked for the best recipes using old or stale bread. The authors of the two best recipes were invited to cook in the show kitchen of the Gourmet Gallery. One oft hem was me! That’s why I was allowed to cook my onion soup with bread together with bio-leading chef Christian Kolb in front of an audience.

Luckily I had Christian Kolb supporting me. He took over the professional onion chopping… Whoever cooked together with me, knows, that I am lost in sneeze and sniffle attacks when cutting onions. No chance, to perform this in front of an audience. A friend of us lately asked: „Astonishing, und you handed in a recipe for an onion soup?“

The complete article and the video can now be found online, my recipe here on my blog. Have fun cooking the onion soup!

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