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Strawberries, the stars on the early summer stage

June 30th, 2018 | bread & pastries

When strawberries step on the stage, you can be sure: Now it’s getting delicious! With this strawberry-orange-mascarpone-cake they have a big performance! Their role in the play: the icing of a fine, fresh cake made from orange, mascarpone, curd and cream. Strawberry’s duet partner is the vanilla. Unbeatable!

Strawberry and Orange Cake

(Attention: must be cooled for at least 2 hours, can cool overnight without any problems – a total of 155 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice is needed)

1 sponge cake base
place a cake ring around the biscuit base, sprinkle with
30 ml of orange juice
3 TS orange liqueur
2 ts of grated orange peel
sprinkle on the base
9 sheets gelatine
125 ml orange juice
soak gelatine in orange juice for 10 minutes
250 g low-fat quark
250 g mascarpone
150 g sugar
4 ts freshly grated orange peel
warm (but don't boil) gelatine in orange juice until it is dissolved, add
2 TS orange liqueur
and 3 TS of the curd cream and stir in the dissolved gelatine, mix with the rest of the curd cream
400 g cream
whip until stiff, pull under the curd cream, put the cream on the bottom of the cake and chill for at least 2 hours
1 vanilla pod
scrape out the pulp, put together with the scratched out pod in 250 ml of water and then bring to a boil, cool down
500 g strawberries
cut into slices, decorate the cake with it
carefully loosen the cake ring from the cake, then place it again for the icing
remove vanilla pods from the water and use
1 packet cake glaze
30 g of sugar
to prepare the glaze according to the packing instructions, cover the cake with it, let it cool

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