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Game burger with cranberry sauce

Cookbook Generation Riesling - Game Burger

February 23rd, 2019 | main dishes

I’m continuing my culinary journey with the cookbook of the “Generation Riesling” in one of the famous German wine-growing regions, the Moselle. There, the winery “Wein+Gut Oster” is located. I tried the burger with venison patty. Family judgment: Burger in a class of its own!

Cookbook Generation Riesling - Game Burger Cookbook Generation Riesling - Game Burger

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The “Generation Riesling” is an association of 600 young German winegrowers under the age of 35. Actually, it is the largest young winegrower organization in the world(!). 60 young winemakers now present their favourite recipes in the wine cookbook of the Generation Riesling. One of them is Daniel Oster. He is represented with a very delicious game burger. The cranberry sauce is seasoned with Harissa – just delicious! There is no question of “fast food” with this burger, especially if you also bake the rolls yourself. This burger is a must…

Each recipe in this cookbook also provides the appropriate wine recommendation – ingenious! What a pity that the variety of these delicious wines is usually not available in the wine shop around the corner. However, the individual winemakers are happy about any direct order and also deliver smaller quantities.

The winery of the Oster family in Ediger-Eller has been established already in the 18th century. Kathrin and Daniel Oster took over the helm in 2013. A traditional company in the third generation. For the Osters it is important to bring together old knowledge and modern ideas. What could fit better than a crisp, modern burger to the traditional Riesling of the Moselle. You’ll find Daniel Oster’s wine recommendation below, below the recipe.

Game Burgers a la winery “Wein+Gut Oster”

(makes 4 big burgers or 8 small ones – click here for the burger bun recipe)

600 g of ground deer
3 spring onions, finely chopped
1 ts wild spice (e.g. Altes Gewürzamt)
pepper from the grinder
mix ingredients and make flat burger patties (depending on the size of the rolls)
2 TS cranberries from the glass
200 ml of crème fraîche
mix with
1 pinch of salt
1 ts Harissa (amount varies by taste)
season the cranberry sauce, halve the burger rolls, spread top and bottom with the cranberry sauce
roast burger patties on the grill or in the pan and put them on the burger buns
4 - 8 slices of mountain cheese
place the cheese on top of the hot meat, so that the cheese can melt
1 small radiccio, cut into strips
1 handful of endive salad
1 bed of cress
garnish with the salads and serve


2017 Riesling
Calmont dry

Fine fruit notes and savory spiciness come together in this dish – this steep vineyard Riesling sets a suitable accent: aromas of apricots, peaches and herbs, nutty, vegetal and earthy-mineral notes, mineral notes and a slender body.

Alternatively, Daniel Oster recommends:

2017 Pinot Noir dry

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