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Black salsify with blood orange hollandaise

March 10th, 2019 | main dishes

Even if spring is in the starting blocks, there are still no local vegetables available. Until the first home-grown asparagus is on our plates, it will take a while – at least for us in the north of Germany. Fortunately, there is the wrongly misunderstood and a little forgotten „winter asparagus“. According to the motto „rough shell – delicious core“ I show you today a recipe for salsify baked in the oven with a blood orange hollandaise.

Black salsify with blood orange hollandaise

Black salsify is still in season until April. And we should take advantage of hat! Black roots surprise under their earthy shell with an intense nutty aroma, they are much spicier than the white asparagus.

Important when preparing: Wear rubber gloves! Black salsify secrete a white, sticky juice that stains unbelievably. Hands, clothes, work surface… you should protect all that! After peeling, it is important to place the white sticks in water with a good dash of vinegar, otherwise they will also turn brown.

The quantities in this recipe are calculated for four people as a main course. Personally, I like the salsify to play the main role. But you can also add some slices of pastrami.

Salsify is an old and rather forgotten vegetable. They do not experience the hype about the white asparagus does, and I have never heard of any „salsify queen“… but it‘s worth the effort to free them from their black shell – they‘re delicious. Give it a try!

Black salsify from the oven with blood orange hollandaise

(4 portions as main dish – preheat the oven to 180° C)

4 bunches salsify (about 2 kg)
wash, peel, rinse again, put immediately in cold water with a good dash of vinegar
1 organic lemon
grate the skin, squeeze the juice
2 ts anise seeds
crush in a mortar (alternatively: use ground anise)
place the salsify in a roasting pan or casserole dish, sprinkle with some lemon juice
salt, sugar
2 star anise
sprinkle with salt, sugar, star anise and crushed or ground anise
60 g of butter in little flakes
place flakes on top, seal with lid or aluminum foil, cook at 180° C for about 45 - 60 minutes (the cooking time depends on the thickness of the salsify and your own taste, preferably after 30-40 minutes, see how soft they are)
1 organic blood orange
grate the skin, squeeze out the juice and boil the juice in a small saucepan until only a tablespoonful is left
1 egg yolk
1 ts cream cheese
1 pinch of salt
place in a mixing bowl with the orange juice and grated orange peel
120 g of butter
bring to a boil, then mix in a thin stream gradually into the egg mixture with the blender
season the sauce with a dash of lemon juice and salt (if necessary)
sprinkle lemon zest on top oft he salsify, serve blood orange hollandaise separately
if desired
400 g pastrami, in fine slices
serve with the salsify

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