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Helgoländer Knieper

Heligoland "Knieper“ [Crab claw] @home

December 10th, 2017 | main dishes

For many years I pestered my love, the captain, to travel to Heligoland [island in the North Sea] and eat „Knieper“. As a child of Cuxhaven I had so fantastic memories of that. Unfortunately we never managed to go there during the scanty holiday periods with all the other dates. What did I see yesterday on our weekly market at the market stall of our fish seller (you know, the one with the pulpo WhatsApp)? Knieper – incredible! Purchased, brought home and into the pot.

Heligoland Heligoland

By the way, as not from Northern Germany, do you know what Knieper is? It’s crab’s claw. On Halunder, the original Heligoland language, Knieper stands for “claw”. Thus, the gripping tools of the crabs are meant. Knieper is an absolute speciality on Heligoland. Often “Knieper as much as you can eat” is offered. Cold or warm crab claws with various dips and baguette bread. Often the claws are pre-cracked, sometimes you have to open them on your own at the table with a pair of pliers. To bring out the delicious crab meat you get special cutlery.

It is really quite simple to prepare them at home. The food is rather a bit tricky, but a social event – such as prawn peeling or raclette – the way is the goal. Instead of using special cutlery you can remove the meat from the shell just fine with toothpicks or the stem end of a pastry fork. Come on, try it!

We super enjoyed the Knieper@home dinner. But we will not skip the visit of Heligoland, because the Knieper feeling there is a very special one.

Crab claw Heligoland style

2-3 crabs per person claws (as a starter)
8-9 crabs per person claws (as main course)
put claws into boiling salted water, wait until it’s boiling again and keep boiling for 10 minutes, remove the protein foam again and again, drain the claws and crack them with the back of a heavy knife, serve and pick out the crab meat by hand
Matches well with dips as Alioli or cocktail sauce and baguette bread

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