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Mango Chili Dressing in einer Schale

Mango Chili Dressing - sensational with salad

February 18th, 2023 | side dishes

Something new on top of the salad: Today I will present you a delicious recipe for an exotic mango chili dressing. My favorite captain brought the recipe from the ship. It comes from an Indonesian ship’s cook. The combination of sweet mango and hot chili rounds off your salad exceptionally and deliciously.

Mango Chili Dressing - sensational with salad Mango Chili Dressing - sensational with salad

The mango chili dressing is a whole new twist for any salad and it has definitely found a regular place on our menu. Depending on how boldly you dose the sambal oelek and chili flakes, your taste buds might get boiling. Indonesian cuisine can be quite spicy at times. However, the amounts given in this recipe are moderate, tried and tested and with a balanced level of spiciness. Promised.

Incidentally, a sambal is a typical Indonesian sauce that is traditionally served separately with all dishes in Indonesia. A spice paste is prepared on the basis of chili, vinegar and other spices, often in a mortar. Of course, every chef has his own family or secret recipe, which can vary greatly in terms of the degree of spiciness.

From time to time my favorite captain receives spice mixtures on board from Indian, Filipino or Indonesian crew members. They know, he loves to eat spicy. One or two jars in our spice cabinet hold treasures that are only compatible in homeopathic doses 😉

But don’t worry: The mango chili dressing according to this recipe is absolutely harmless and made in a flash.

Mango Chili Dressing

(makes dressing for 4 servings)

7 TS pureed fresh mango (or fruit puree from a jar)
1 TS onions, roughly chopped
1 ts sambal oelek (available in jars in supermarkets)
1 garlic clove, roughly chopped
2 TS sunflower oil
1 ts chili flakes
½ ts salt
black pepper from the mill
1 TS agave syrup
2 TS lime juice
put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and puree with the hand blender - done!
the dressing goes well with colorful leaf salads (e.g. oak leaf lettuce, but also frisée or romaine lettuce) with cucumber, peppers, mushrooms - you can vary this to your heart's content. Fresh mango pieces intensify the fruity component.


Fresh mangoes of perfect ripeness and quality are not available everywhere and are also expensive. For this recipe, I use mango puree from a jar, for example from [Warning: Advertising!] the Allos health food store. Or fruit puree from Ponthier, which is of excellent quality (also for making ice cream, for example…) and which I buy in the Frischeparadies. You only need a small amount for the dressing, so I freeze the rest of the container in portions. So I always have the seven tablespoons for a dressing on hand.

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