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THE WILSON'S Berlin - to our taste!

September 16th, 2018 | Restaurants & Hotels

“Modern, stylish, cosmopolitan” – this is how the new Berlin restaurant THE WILSON’S is characterized. In the heart of City West, the completely refurbished and realigned restaurant at Hotel Crowne Plaza Berlin City Center at Nuremberg Street has re-opened since September. We were there for the pre-opening dinner.

THE WILSON'S Berlin - to our taste! THE WILSON'S Berlin - to our taste!

Yes, this post contains advertisements for THE WILSON’S Restaurant. And beware: Visiting this restaurant (and the hotel) can be addictive!

When we got the invitation to the pre-opening dinner of THE WILSON’S Berlin, we were pleased. But also sceptical. We are, frankly, not the steakhouse and BBQ fans. Basically, we find the concept “steak with side dishes” a bit too uninspired and not very exciting. At THE WILSONS’S we were taught a lesson: Finest meats combined with delicious fish and vegetarian dishes, fresh and light and very appealingly presented. That’s how Steakhouse is today!

But in turn: Our “shoreleave in Berlin” had already started the day before to visit dear friends and enjoy a nice evening together. We spent the night in a small hotel at Adenauerplatz, which we – unfortunately – really cannot recommend (you always wonder where all these strange, positive reviews come from). The quite run down room was still topped by the most grumpy served breakfast we have ever had. It could only get better. And it did!

Well, heading to the place of the pre-opening dinner after a nice day in Berlin: The Crowne Plaza Berlin City Center. Admittedly, this also would not necessarily have been our first choice: A business and conference hotel with over 400 rooms behind a venerable facade pointing to a long history of hotel (and possibly to such an environment). We love it smaller and more modern. We thought. And here again, we were taught a lesson! Very attentive staff, a freshly modernized room in bright colours, a nice bathroom, everything super-clean. Who says something against conference hotels again???

The pre-opening dinner starts with a reception in the bar. The sympathetic hotel director Ronald Nilsson welcomes and explains some of the new concept of THE WILSON’S. Away from the classic steak house with meat and side dishes to the newly inspired fine dining restaurant that has much more to offer. As for example, sophisticated starters, which may be shared at the table according to Spanish tapas model, main courses with fish, vegetarian dishes. Well, that sounds tempting!

We are thrilled with what we see on the nicely set tables. Crispy Pulpo with black salt, basil panna cotta and tomato paper for example. Or carpaccio of Simmental beef, crispy ginger, grapefruit, chili cream. Not to mention the grilled avocado with quinoa, roasted onion and lime gel. Oh, I forgot the grilled watermelon with BBQ jelly, sweetcorn cream and popcorn – all very far from “steak with side dish”. THE WILSON’S seems to have skinned. It obviously has reinvented itself.

Kitchen director Elmar Sertel loves his job. You can taste it and you can see that. The short, wiry man sits down to the guests in turn on this special evening and explains why he swears in the new kitchen concept on a European-Oriental cuisine with Mediterranean influences.

In the main courses modern Bowls (with surprising and highly exciting elements such as the Korean Kimchie) come along with cooked fillet of Islynt salmon with saffron-lemon butter and sweet potato gnocchi with coconut milk curry and cauliflower as a whole. This one, though difficult to decide, has perhaps impressed us most among the vegetarian dishes.

And then the star of the evening appears. Light off, spot on: The original US Prime Rib from the open show kitchen. It is served with freshly grated horseradish and various sauces, potatoes and vegetables. A la Carte, the coveted high-rib cut is offered in 280g, 350g or 500g portions. The meat is incredibly tender and a real treat. The meat quality of the Prime Ribs as well as the Simmental beef is extraordinary!

Unfortunately, as the team at THE WILSON’S decided to show us the entire menu in one evening (which we did not suspect), I had to strike the sails long before the desserts . Nevertheless, I tasted the bread pudding – and it was divine. I do not doubt that the other desserts taste as wonderful as they look.

We perceive he room, light and colour concept of THE WILSON’S as completely successful. It is modern and fresh, yet unobtrusive and cosy at the same time. You can either sit at long tables, enjoy a dinner for two or sit in pleasant couch corners. The winter garden is the heart of this restaurant – and how nice that this is also the hotel’s breakfast room. You can hardly sit better! In this atmosphere you can really enjoy the excellent breakfast!

Conclusion: Berlin is always worth a visit and we will definitely book again in the Crowne Plaza Berlin City Center. And, we are looking forward already to our next visit to THE WILSON’S!

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