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Tomaten-Gnocchi mit Chorizo-Sauce

Tomato gnocchi with chorizo sauce

February 17th, 2019 | main dishes

Tomato gnocchi get their colour from a few tablespoons of tomato paste and their wonderfully fluffy consistency from ricotta. The strong chorizo sauce goes perfectly with the gentle sweetness of the gnocchi. Crispy sage leaves are the aromatic icing on the cake.

Tomato gnocchi with chorizo sauce

So far, I only knew gnocchi on a potato basis. When I saw this recipe, I tried it directly. Unfortunately, the quantities in the recipe were not correct, but after some trial and error, I now have the perfect “instructions” for tomato gnocchi with ricotta and durum wheat semolina. And I have to say: they are just delicious. Much lighter and finer than potato gnocchi.

Unfortunately, the photo and reality did not match in that recipe. The chorizo sauce – blended to a fine foam – was white as snow. How that is possible with a paprika salami, I do not know. Too bad that there are so many cookbooks and magazines that show beautiful photos, but unfortunately their recipes often do not work.

I hope you get along better with my recipes. Write me if you have any questions or something should not work. And of course you are also invited to write me, if you are satisfied.

Tomato gnocchi with chorizo sauce

(4 servings)

200 g ricotta
drain on a hair sieve
1 egg yolk
5 TS tomato paste
1 pinch of salt
1 TS finely grated lemon peel
50 g parmesan, finely grated
mix with the ricotta
70 g of flour
40 g durum wheat semolina
stir in, let rest for 30 minutes in the refrigerator
form the dough on a floured surface into a thumb-thick roll, cut about 2 cm thick slices from the roll, press the slices into the typical gnocchi pattern with a fork
put the gnocchi in plenty of boiling salted water and let it sit at low temperature until the gnocchi float on the surface
lift out with a skimmer and drain
150 g of chorizo
cut into slices and then quarters, render in a pan on a low heat
300 g of cream
deglaze, simmer for about 10 minutes, strain through a sieve (keep the chorizo and use it, for example, for a Spanish tortilla or a pasta dish)
put the sauce back in a pot
1 ts of lecithin (or 1 ts of mixed starch)
stir in, bring to the boil
salt, pepper from the mill
spice up
1 handful of fresh sage leaves
2 TS olive oil
2 TS butter
fry the sage leaves in hot fat until crispy (note that they turn black quickly and therefore bitter)
sauté the gnocchi in the fat, blend the chorizo sauce until frothy and serve with the gnocchi and sage leaves

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