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Turkey Skewers with Peach & Pimientos de Padron

August 31st, 2018 | main dishes

Grill skewers with little meat, but with lots of vegetables and flavor! Here, the little Spanish peppers play the first violin. The sweetness of the peach softens the pepper sharpness a little bit. The aroma of the bay leaves gives these midsummer BBQ skewers the ultimate kick. Simply delicious.

Turkey Skewers with Peach & Pimientos de Padron Turkey Skewers with Peach & Pimientos de Padron

Pimientos de Padrón are small green peppers grown in Galicia/Spain. The small, sharp vitamin bombs grow in the vicinity of the small village Padrón. They are cooked and eaten as a whole. You can simply fry them as an appetizer in olive oil and serve sprinkled with coarse sea salt. Or place them effectively on grill skewers…

Turkey skewers with peach & pimientos de Padron

(makes 6 skewers)

1 turkey escalope, in cubes
2 peaches, in columns
24 pimientos de Padrón, as a whole
18 fresh bay leaves
put all ingredients on skewers and cook on the charcoal grill
coarse sea salt & pepper from the mill
season and serve

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