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Turnip stew

Turnip stew - just delicious!

January 2nd, 2018 | main dishes

After all that festive roasts and gourmet buffets we feel like cooking something pretty simple. Outside it’s cold and dark and new year still seems to be a bit unreal and strange. Could there be anything better than a fine warming stew with an almost forgotten vegetable, the turnip?


Turnip stew - just delicious! Turnip stew - just delicious!

Many people consider turnips to be cattle feed, whereas older people don’t like to remember this vegetable because during World War I and II often it was the only available food. I’d love to see this vegetable getting popular again!


Turnip Stew

(Serves 8 – Stewing time: ca. 1.5 hours – Preparing time: ca 30 minutes)

1 kg prime rib
boil in 1,5 l water with 2 ts salt for about 1 hour
1 turnip (ca. 1,400 g)
800 g potatoes
4 carrots
cut in cubes
2 onions
dice finely, remove the meat from the stock, cut it into bite-sized cubes, boil the vegetables and onions in the stock for 30 minutes, mash a bit
pepper, salt
flat leaf parsley, chopped
warm the meat cubes in the soup and serve garnished with parsley

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