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BBQ with a difference: hot smoked salmon

August 7th, 2018 | main dishes

A grill with lid, charcoal, beech wood smoking chips, salmon – you’re ready to go. The salmon is on the table in 15 minutes and tastes sensational! In addition a salad and a glass of ice-cold white wine – the summer evening is saved.

BBQ with a difference: hot smoked salmon BBQ with a difference: hot smoked salmon

We use a Cobb Grill, which is very handy because you can take it everywhere and it can also be on the table so everyone can barbecue for themselves. In this grill for the hot smoking we need only six charcoal briquettes or one grill “tablet”.

As a salad, for example, a leaf salad with peach or a wild herb salad is suitable.

Hot smoked salmon

(4 portions)

4 salmon fillets with skin (about 600 g)
wash and pat dry
juice of 1 lime
place the salmon on a BBQ grid with the skin down, drizzle with lime juice
3 garlic cloves, pressed
4 ts olive oil
coarse sea salt, pepper from the mill
Niora paprika (mild Spanish paprika flakes)
4 sprigs fennel
spread garlic and spices on the salmon
2.5 ts of beech wood smoking meal
place on a piece of aluminum foil, close the aluminum foil to a flat, square packet, pierce the top with a fork
put the smoking-flour packet on the hot coals, put the salmon on the grill above it, put the lid on
after 15 to a maximum of 20 minutes, the salmon is ready to eat, keep the lid closed during the entire time
1 lime
serve garnished with lime quarters

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