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Weihnachtsbaum mit Lauschaer Kugeln

Captain's Christmas menu and Lisa's wines

December 18th, 2017 | menu proposals

Seven days till Christmas and you have still no idea for your festive meal? On Christmas Eve, there is a very traditional food in most families. If there are family and friends visiting you at the holidays, the menu should be something very special, quite clear. I’ve put together a festive menu for you which can be prepared very well. And the best thing is: the menu is coming along with the suitable wine recommendations from the estate of Lisa Bunn. Now, “rescue” is at hand, here you’ll find your perfect Christmas menu.

Captain's Christmas menu and Lisa's wines

This post contains advertising for wine – so, what is a Christmas menu without wines?

When you’re married with a sailor, you spend many Christmas seperately. No easy time for the sailors and their families. Nevertheless, we have upheld always our traditions ashore. On Christmas Eve before the exchange of gifts we always have a variety of canapés. Tasty appetizers come with smoked fish, crab salad, delicious ham and cheese. Especially, when the kids were little and preparations on Christmas Eve diverse, canapés where quite practically. On Christmas day, when the whole family comes together, we sometimes have up to twelve, thirteen people at the table. Then, there’s a surprise menu. What’s this year’s Christmas menu at the captain’s table, I won’t tell you yet.

My menu proposal for your big festive meal is “storm-proof” in any case:


Scallops with Capellini and Champagne and Saffron Sauce

Lisa recommends: 2016er Orbel Nierstein Riesling dry

This year, the Orbel brings us a mixture of Oriental spices such as cardamom and thyme together with exotic aromas of mango. A lot of juiciness and a distinctive spicy finish characterize the taste.


Braised veal cheeks with root vegetables

Lisa recommends: 2014 Merlot reserve

Dark chocolate, leather and jam form aroma. Delicate spicy and slightly rough he nestles on the tongue.


Piedmontese Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Quince

Lisa recommends: 2015 Himmelthal Riesling Spätlese

Delicate sweetness and fruit as from dried apricots and fresh yellow peach.


All wines and much more you can order at the Winery Lisa Bunn.

I wish you good luck! And ask questions – always!

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