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Finnish oven pancakes traditionally served with salmon, fresh herbs and horseradish cream

Finnish oven pancake

March 6th, 2019 | main dishes

The Finns know how to do it! This fine Scandinavian pancake is served with smoked salmon, fresh herbs and horseradish cream. It is not made in a pan, but in a baking dish in the oven – how convenient!

Finnish oven pancake

No grease on the stove, nobody has to fry while the others are already tucking away the fresh pancakes. The Finnish version is ready after 20 minutes in the oven! So easy!

Finnish oven pancake

(4 portions – Attention: Preheat oven to 200° C)

4 eggs
separate the egg whites and yolks, beat the egg whites stiff, mix the yolks with
350 ml of milk
stir, add
300 g of flour
1 ts baking powder
½ ts salt
stir to a dough, fold in egg whites
put the dough in a greased baking dish, bake at 200° C for about 20 minutes
150 g sour cream
½ bunch of dill, chopped
2 TS horseradish (glass)
stir, season with salt and pepper, add horseradish to taste
200 g of smoked or graved salmon
remove the pancakes from the oven, garnish with salmon and horseradish cream

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