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Lueneburg Heath, break at Heidschnucken trail, flowers and hiking boots

„Heidschnucken“ Trail - 120 kilometers on foot

April 11th, 2019 | on the road

Almost a year has passed since we hiked the first 120 kilometers of the „Heidschnucken“ Trail in the Lüneburg Heath. It tingles in the feet to tackle the second half…

„Heidschnucken“ Trail - 120 kilometers on foot

“It was the most beautiful holiday of my life”, my dearest captain told me today. And that means something. We are talking about the Heidschnuckenweg from Hamburg-Fischbek across the northern Lüneburg Heath to Soltau. “Just two stations by suburban train – and the holidays begin – no big luggage, no plane, no stress, just start to walk…” Take a look at our experiences with the sheep here.

Since then, we have this “just starting” in our heads and we are currently thinking about the next tour. The second half of the Heidschnuckenweg is at the top of the list. And after our vineyard tour from last fall the Palatinate Vineyard Trail attracts as well: 11 stages, 170 kilometers from Bockenheim to Schweigen-Rechtenbach.

We are curious to see what happens first…

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