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Veranstaltung L'édition musique N°3 von Geldermann und Cornelia Poletto in der Hamburger Jazz Hall

L'Édition musique N°3 – Geldermann and Cornelia Poletto bring food and music together

November 6th, 2022 | on the road

Sparkling wine and an exquisite flying buffet go together, that’s obvious. But classical music and electronic sounds? The Geldermann private sparkling wine cellar shows with its extraordinary art project, the Édition Musique, that this is very possible. “Sparkling Keys” is a tribute to a special cuvée, composed and arranged by two internationally acclaimed artists, pianist Joseph Moog and sound designer Kris Menace. Excellent finger food by Cornelia Poletto uniquely rounds off the evening in the Hamburg Jazz Hall.

L'Édition musique N°3 – Geldermann and Cornelia Poletto bring food and music together L'Édition musique N°3 – Geldermann and Cornelia Poletto bring food and music together

L’Édition Musique is already the third edition of an event organized by the Geldermann private sparkling wine cellar. Geldermann Chef de Cave Marc Gauchey meets with the artists in the 600-year-old cellar and selects a special cuvée for the musical interpretation. Inspired by the ambience and the elegant taste of the Edition Musique N°3, which is limited to 3,000 bottles, two outstanding artists have set about interpreting the sparkling wine in a crossover of classic and electronic sounds this year. Audible sparkling wine enjoyment, so to speak.

The result is the composition “Sparkling Keys”. The evening in the Jazz Hall – a feast for all the senses: wonderful, surprising music and delicious finger food by Cornelia Poletto in the very pleasant, beautifully decorated and illuminated ambience of the Hamburg Jazz Hall.

“Keys” – English for piano keys – is the motto of the evening. “Sparkling” is self-explanatory as “pearls, tingles, sparkles, glitters”. And that describes the evening perfectly. Five different sparkling wines are served for tasting. After a piece by Franz Liszt to set the mood, we come to “Sparkling Keys”. The internationally renowned pianist Joseph Moog and the sound designer Kris Menace, who has worked with Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue, among others, have achieved something special here. The illusion of a glass being poured immediately appears in the mind’s eye. Then the sparkling, bubbling – the topic is hit. This combination of electronic beats with the classic piano is loungy, invigorating, fresh and dynamic. You can listen to Sparkling Keys here.

The flying buffet, which is constantly being refilled, is diverse and varied. To name just a few courses: We start with crostini alla puttanesca, which are stunningly aromatic. “Arrancini” – crispy risotto balls with saffron and scamorza. The “Italian caviar” turns out to be a beluga lentil salad with warm smoked salmon and is delicious, even if the portion size is too lavish for me.

The Geldermann Mini-Burger with pulled duck really excites me, who am really not a burger fan. When I asked about it, I found out that, in addition to the pulled duck, the burger also contained bits of kumquat, marinated red cabbage, hazelnut crumble and mayonnaise with foie gras. Brilliant! And as if the tasty “boom” wasn’t enough, a roasted “G” for Geldermann helps the small burger bun to perfection.

The Cuvée Édition Musique N°3 Keys is characterized by traditional three-year bottle fermentation with notes of peach, ripe apple and vanilla. It has fine pearls and is bright pink with a copper-colored sheen. “Full-bodied and multi-faceted, with soft tannins and a long finish”, is how Chef de Cave Marc Gauchey describes it. The equipment of the bottle is exceptionally high-quality and does justice to the topic “keys”. Personally, I actually liked the 2017 Geldermann vintage sparkling wine even better. But, as we all know, everything in life is a matter of taste.

For me it was my first visit to the Jazz Hall, which only opened about a year ago. A location that you should remember – a look at the program is definitely worth it!

Disclosure: The L’Édition musique N°3 event was attended at the invitation of the Geldermann private sparkling wine cellar. Thank you very much! The content of this article is of course unaffected by the invitation and reflects my own opinion. I received no payment for the contribution.

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