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Hyperbels concert at Maa' Deyo

Maa' Deyo "Hyperbels" - Hamburg has a new stage

December 10th, 2022 | on the road

A new event space was opened in the basement of the Maa’ Deyo restaurant last Thursday. At the “Hyperbels Concert Evenings” the finest free improvisation and free jazz is played in an intimate setting with a maximum of 30 visitors, while South American fusion cuisine is celebrated upstairs. Great!

Maa' Deyo Maa' Deyo

At Maa’ Deyo, Cristián Orellanus combines culinary delights with art and culture. So it is not surprising that, in addition to his excellent cuisine, he also exhibits art objects and pictures, and has recently started a series of concerts.

In the basement of his restaurant Maa’ Deyo he has created something wonderful: once a month the co-promoter and double bass player John Hughes, who lives in Hamburg, invites you to free jazz at his Hyperbeln concert evenings. At the opening of the series, together with tenor saxophonist Tobias Delius, he set the audience in motion.

The atmosphere in Maa’ Deyo’s jazz cellar is dim – countless candles illuminate the location, it’s cosy, intimate, there’s barely room for 30 people. The music comes focused, concentrated, in the bomb shelter charm of the room. You are catapulted out of this world very quickly, you feel safe in this enclave, this cocoon.

In this small location, the bass goes straight to your stomach, you sit a maximum of five meters from the stage: bass, clarinet, saxophone – wow… like upstairs in Maa’ Deyo. The aromas also go their direct way – into the stomach, into the heart, into the soul.

The next Free Jazz Night at Maa’ Deyo will take place on January 26, 2023. Tickets are available on 040 20918649 or for 15 euros.

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