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Wine fair "Wein am Dom" winners of "Discovery of the Year" award

Wine fair „Wein am Dom“ - Palatine Rose 2019

April 18th, 2019 | on the road

Almost one thousand wines could be tasted at the Palatinate wine fair “Wein am Dom” in Speyer, if one wanted. We were there and learned to know and appreciate two friendly wine queens, a number of interesting winemakers and seven very different rosé wines.

Wine fair „Wein am Dom“ - Palatine Rose 2019

This post includes advertising for the Palatinate and Palatinate wineries – for risks and side effects ask the winemaker of your choice…

… and one more note: some fonts are nice, but for culinary topics unsuitable, at least in capital letters. Unfortunately. Please, therefore overlook the missing accents in the headlines- especially in this article, the missing accent at Rosé …

For the seventh time this April the “Wine Forum of the Palatinate” took place in Speyer: the Wein am Dom which means wine at the cathedral. In six very special locations in the historic old town, around 1,000 Palatinate wines and sparkling wines can be tasted, in direct exchange with the respective winegrower. This year’s guests: ten winegrowers from Burgenland in Austria who presented their wines at the fair. Following the invitation of the tourism organization Pfalzwein e.V. we also had the opportunity to visit such special places as the Historical Museum of the Palatinate, the venerable Historic Council Chamber, the Kulturhof Flachsgasse, the Kulturraum Gallery, the Holy Spirit Church and the Trinitatis House for wine tasting.

"Discovery of the year" at Wein am Dom

The title “Discovery of the Year” is a coveted award at the Wein am Dom. This year, the top two of more than 120 Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc wines were awarded by an expert jury:

The winery Lucashof from Forst on the wine route was awarded for its 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, dry. Please read my post about our visit to the Lucashof last year.

In the field of rosé wines, the winery Gerhard Hochdörffer from Landau-Nussdorf was the “discovery of the year”. With their 2018 Pinot Noir Rosé, dry, they were very far ahead.

With the Burgenland and the Palatinate Wine Queen and under expert guidance by Peer F. Holm, President of the Sommelier Union Germany e.V., we could taste the two winning wines. In a relaxed discussion, very different topics were discussed: the sommelier’s craftmanship, so-called “women’s wines”, the trend wine Rosé as well as the work of the wine queens and the meaningfulness of the wine lingo. Many new impulses that we will certainly deepen.

We liked the winning wines from the winery Lucashof and the winery Gerhard Hochdörffer very much – how could it be otherwise . These are light, green, low-alcohol wines that are best suited as spring or summer wines. Or, to be true to Hochdörffer’s philosophy: “Main thing: Fun in the glas!”

Rose yesterday and today

In the 80s, Rosé wine in my circle was always something for people who could not decide between red and white wine. So we never really had Rosé in our glasses, although lately we’ve noticed that it’s very trendy and almot getting into a hype. At the “Wein am Dom” we took part in a guided tour on “2018 Rosé dry”. Fortunately. Until then, we really were not aware, what bandwidth rosé wine can have.

Silvia Kugel is Cultural and Wine Ambassador of the Palatinate. She introduced us to seven different rosés. Culture and wine ambassadors are Palatinate connoisseurs and enthusiasts who pass on their insider knowledge about the country and its people, villages and winegrowers, the culture and lifestyle of the Palatinate. Silvia Kugel has done this charming, informative and with a lot of wit. What else the wine ambassadors do offer you can read here.

And these are the seven wines of our Rose wine tasting:

Winery Nicole Graeber
2017 Pinot blanc de noir sparkling wine b.A. brut
classic bottle fermentation

We already noticed the winery Graeber because of their Cuvée “Tête à Tête 22/44”, which we were recommended in the restaurant Urgestein in Neustadt a. d. W. Their sparkling wine inspired us as well, it was the ideal prelude to the wine tasting.

Wachtenburg wine grower e.G.
Wachenheim a. d. W.
2018 Rosé dry
Merlot / Lemberger / Schwarzriesling

This Rosé is a project of the winegrowers‘ cooperative Wachtenburg: Young, sparkling, uncomplicated.

Winery Reichsrat von Buhl
2016 SUEZ Rosé
VDP estate wine

On November 17, 1869, the Suez Canal was opened in a lavish ceremony with Riesling wines from the estate Reichsrat von Buhl. This date is celebrated annually with a Suez Edition. We liked this wine very well. Maybe it’s because we crossed the Suez Canal several times. No, probably not. This rosé is simply very special, not light drinking wine, but rather a special accompaniment to a nice meal. Fermented in a wooden barrel, it is expressive, crisp and does not remind you a bit of gummy bears or raspberry sweets, like some other rosés.

Wein und Sekthaus Schreieck
2018 Maikammerer Kirchenstück Pfalz
Pinot Noir Rosé dry – “100”

Wines made to measure! Schreieck’s wine lines “Gutsweine – 50”, “Lagenweine – 100” and “Große Weine – 200” are based on the folding rule once developed in Maikammer.

Winery Schenk-Siebert
2018 Grünstadter Pfalz
Pinot Noir Rosé dry
Gutsabfüllung Fumé

Tradition meets modernity. Experienced winemakers and their creative sons produce this rosé wine in wooden barrels. An exciting wine!

Winery Rothmeier
Landau i. d. Pfalz
2018 Rosé “Be Crazy”

Fresh, cheeky, springlike, Rothmeier – just be crazy!

Winery Gerhard Hochdörffer
Landau Nussdorf
2018 Pinot Noir Rosé dry

The “Discovery of the Year” at the Wein am Dom fair 2019. Personally, this wine has pleased us most from the Rosé wines – along with the 2016 SUEZ. We visited both wineries after the fair.

The couple Hochdörffer/Dollt is extremely likeable. They are winemakers who stand for their wines in their natural simplicity and openness. As a family business in the third generation they convince with their fresh cheerfulness and their love of detail. They are actually burning for what they are doing. Completely unpretentious, they have created a wonderfully juicy summer wine with this Pinot Noir rosé.

The Hochdörffers meet their own motto: “The main thing: Fun in the glass!” Also by saying that their wines put up “little drinking resistance.”

Cheers. The Palatinate.

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