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Matjes season starts right now

June 15th, 2018 | main dishes

“Fischkopp” [head of a fish] is the affectionate name for a North German. For them, Matjes season starts in June. I hardly can imagine anything that tastes more like North Germany: Matjes which means young salted herring. Matjes homestyle with apples we eat for hearty breakfast or we enjoy it as a main meal with fresh potatoes or a thick slice of black bread. How we prepare the matjes at home, you can read here:

The last time we had Apple-Matjes-Bowl for the 18th birthday of our son. For the family party we were 16 people. I can tell you, you need a decent bowl… The best thing about is: you can prepare the whole dish the day before. So beautifully infused it tastes even better.

For all “Non-Fishheads” – it’s as easy as this:

Apple-Matjes-Bowl Captains Approved

(4 portions)

200 g mayonnaise (10% fat)
3 TS sugar
200 g sour apples (eg Topaz)
cut the apple unpeeled into pins or cubes
200 g Spanish onion
peel, dice
1 small glass of pickles, sweet and sour (150 g)
cut into bite-sized pieces
6 Dutch Doppelmatjes (12 young salted herring fillets)
cut into 1.5 cm wide strips
mix all ingredients with the mayonnaise
1 cup of natural yoghurt or cream
if necessary, dilute with yoghurt or cream until the desired consistency is achieved
let the Matjes get infused for several hours, even better overnight

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