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Palma de Majorca: Lunch in an Ancient City Palace

June 6th, 2018 | on the road

The Spanish island Majorca is a beautiful island. Many people know this. Therefore, unfortunately, it is often very crowded and busy. The inner courtyard of the Sant Francesc Hotel Singular, in the heart of Palma de Majorca with its excellent restaurant Quadrat [square] offers a fantastic oasis. The favorite shore leave of my captain in Palma:

 Palma de Majorca: Lunch in an Ancient City Palace  Palma de Majorca: Lunch in an Ancient City Palace

This trip has almost become a ritual when the ship is berthing in Palma de Majorca. Whenever possible and the job permits, my captain will cycle from the ship to the restaurant in less than half an hour. If no bike is at hand: the approximately seven kilometers are a nice walk as well.

The bike route always leads along the coast and is extremely well developed for cyclists. Such a route you want! A real panoramic tour: on one side the sea, on the other the backdrop of Palma with the famous Cathedral of Majorca.

It is nice to combine the visit to the restaurant with a visit to the market hall or other sights of the old town of Palma. But even the restaurant visit alone is relaxation and pure enjoyment.

When you enter the hotel, you realize your downshifting. The 19th-century city palace is a real gem, and one senses how wealthy the owners once must have been to flaunt such wealth.

Spacious rooms, carefully restored and tastefully furnished, welcome the guest. The walls are decorated with contemporary art and photography. Most of the works were created by the respective artists specifically for the Hotel Sant Francesc.

Passing by the reception and the bar you are taken to the restaurant “Quadrat”, which is as tastefully and elegantly furnished as the hotel. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed. It is pleasantly cool without being cold. The courtyard of the restaurant is the coronation. It is hard to believe that you are in the middle of the vibrant old town of Palma de Majorca. Quiet! Heavenly peace! While the traffic is on the outside and the streets are bustling with noise.

The restaurant is located in the former stables of the city palace and can be reached directly from the square “Sant Francesc”. The kitchen of the chef Alfonso Lillo is of course inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, but very fresh and modern.

The lunch menu offers three starters, main courses and desserts to choose from. The price of 23.50 Euro is simply phenomenal: location, atmosphere, excellent cuisine and perfect service – everything is just right here.

How much would you like to stay until the evening to take a drink at the pool of the rooftop terrace and enjoy the wonderful view over the roofs of Palma. But, no, the ship calls, in a few hours it is again: “Let go all lines and on to the next port!”

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