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Pasta a la Mamma

January 17th, 2018 | side dishes

Home-made pasta, there is nothing better. Soft wheat semolina is the magic word. I was in a small shop for Italian food. At checkout the older grumbled something grouchy, (which must be resulting from living in Northern Germany…) owner: “Pasta? You don’t figure it out anyway.” On the question of whether he was this opinion because I’m not Italian, he replied unmoved: “My wife tried for 40 years, so you will not get out even there.” Allora! Per favore!

Pasta a la Mamma Pasta a la Mamma

Pasta, it’s really that simple:

Pasta, homemade

500 g soft wheat semolina
5 eggs (room temperature)
process to a smooth dough with your hands and give it through the pasta machine
place fresh pasta on a kitchen towel sprinkled with semolina until you cook them for 2-4 minutes in salted water
or dry the pasta hanging (they can be stored in a lockable plastic box), cooking time for dried pasta is 4-6 minutes

That's how the wife of the Captain does it

I reckon 100 g flour and 1 egg per person, the ideal dough never sticks to the fingers.

With this basic recipe, I prepare all kinds of noodles and dumplings. It’s perfect!


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