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Angeschnittener Makkaroni-Spinat-Auflauf

Pie – very meditative

June 3rd, 2018 | main dishes

Blue cheese, spinach and pasta – a wonderful combination. In this case also visually a real highlight. By the way: laying macaroni in spirals has something meditative…

Pie – very meditative Pie – very meditative

Granted, whenever I saw photos of such macaroni-layer pies, I thought, “Nah, I’m sure I have nothing else to do …” Besides, I was not sure if the result of this Sisyphean work was really visually appealing or if the cake falls into pieces after cutting – and you have a noodle pan on the plate, so to speak.

I can assure you, this recipe works great, not only looks good, but above all, it tastes very good! The meditative spiraling is worthwhile!

Macaroni and spinach pie

(4-6 portions – Attention: dough should be chilled for 60 minutes)

700 g leaf spinach (frozen)
thaw in a sieve
250 g flour
100 g soft butter
100 g ricotta
1 egg yolk
½ ts salt
knead with the food processor until you get a smooth dough, wrap in cling film and keep in the refrigerator for 60 minutes
4 shallots, chopped
3 garlic cloves, chopped
3 TS olive oil
roast shallots and garlic until glassy, add spinach
salt, pepper from the mill
freshly grated nutmeg
2 ts Niora (dried, mild paprika from Spain from the Old Spice Office [Altes Gewürzamt])
season hearty, let cool
350 g macaroni
cook until “al dente”, drain, allow to cool
grease springform (Ø 26 cm), lay out with the dough, forming a high edge
preheat the oven to 200° C
100 g cream
200 ml milk
3 eggs
150 g blue cheese, diced
salt, pepper, nutmeg
2 TS pine nuts, roasted without fat
place a layer of pasta spirally on top of the dough, add some of the egg-cheese mixture, then add half of the spinach and the pine nuts to it, fill in the rest layer by layer, the top layer should be pasta
bake at 200° C for about 45 minutes
1 TS pine nuts, roasted without fat
2 TS chives, cut in rolls
serve macaroni cake sprinkled with pine nuts and chives

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