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Erdbeer Torte mit Joghurt und Basilikum

Strawberries, yoghurt, basil - the perfect cake

May 24th, 2018 | sweets

At our home, our daughter is the backing-expert. I also bake well, but I prefer the hearty things. For our daughter baking means to relax, to come down, you could almost say: “to chill”. At the age of 14, she baked this fantastic strawberry yoghurt cream cake with basil for her brother’s birthday. Respect!

Strawberries, yoghurt, basil - the perfect cake

If you are hesitant about basil in a cake, you should definitely try this cake! It is an absolute explosion of flavors. Elaborate in the production, but a treat of the special kind. The recipe comes from the baking “bible”, which we gave our daughter years ago: “The Great Book of Baking” from Teubner publishing house.

Sounds complicated? Our 14-year-old has mastered it easily…

Strawberry yoghurt cake with basil

(results in a cake with 24 cm diameter – Attention: must be cooled overnight)

sponge biscuit

3 eggs
beat the egg white stiff with
35 g sugar
beat the yolks with
35 g sugar
until frothy
3 TS cornstarch
sieve on the egg white and mix
3-4 TS wheat flour
sieve on the egg yolk and stir
pull the egg white under the yolk mass
the biscuit mass is to form the border of the cake later
take a piping bag and form two strips of the half of the dough on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, each strip should be about 35 cm long and 5 cm wide and about 1 cm thick, squirt the dough closely together so that they touch, when baking they should stick together
sprinkle sponge biscuit strips thinly with fine sugar and bake at 190 ° C for 10 minutes
let sponge biscuit strips cool slightly and then remove carefully from the baking paper and put as edge in a cake ring of 24 cm diameter
bake two round sponge cakes (20 cm diameter) on a baking tray with baking paper out of the rest of the dough, baking time: 10 minutes, allow to cool, peel off baking paper

strawberry mousse

4 sheets of gelatine
soak in cold water for 10 minutes
280 g strawberries
1 TS lemon juice
1-2 TS sugar
50 g strawberry jam (best home made, of course)
heat, dissolve the squeezed gelatine in it, stir in the pureed strawberries
1 egg white
3 TS sugar
beat until stiff and pull under the strawberries
200 g cream (30% fat)
whipp until stiff and fold in
place a sponge cake in the cake ring, place the strawberry mousse on it, place the second sponge cake base, press lightly and keep cold

basil-yoghurt cream

4 sheets of gelatine
soak in cold water for 10 minutes
30-40 basil leaves
finely cut
200 g yoghurt
3 TS sugar
mix with basil
gently heat about a quarter of the yoghurt and dissolve the squeezed gelatine in it, add the remaining yoghurt gradually
200 g cream (30% fat)
whipp until stiff
1 egg yolk
1 TS of sugar
stir a thick cream over a hot water bath, pull under the yoghurt mixture and fold in the whipped cream
put the yoghurt cream on the cold cake, smooth it out and let it rest in the fridge overnight




50 g strawberries
50 g strawberry jam
puree, remove the cake from the ring and spread with the strawberry puree
125 g cream
whipp until stiff and spray with the piping bag on the cake
12 strawberries
basil leaves
garnish cake with strawberries and basil

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