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Tomato bread against the tomato glut

August 19th, 2018 | bread & pastries

The other day we were invited for a barbecue with dear friends. They served a super-tasty tomato bread. As a matter of course, I immediately asked for the recipe, of course! The bread was made in a Thermomix food processor. I do not own such a processor. Of course, the recipe also works without the device, and quite sensually with your hands in the dough.

Tomato bread against the tomato glut

Since I had received an incredible number of tomatoes from the greenhouse from other friends, I decided to use twice the amount of dough to process the beautiful, red, ripe fruit. The result was a really BIG bread, super-fluffy, super-juicy, super-delicious.

I had replaced about one third of the flour with common wheat flour Type 00, which made it particularly supple and fine-pored.

This bread tastes best only with butter and some salt! You can serve it as well with my eggplant dip or with wild garlic aioli.

tomato bread

(for a loaf pan of 30 cm in length – takes 60 minutes resting time + 40 minutes baking time)

400 g of ripe tomatoes
1.5 - 2 ts salt
puree with the blender
500g wheat flour Type 405
place the flour in a bowl, add the tomato puree
½ cube of yeast
crumble and add
30 g of olive oil
½ ts sugar
add and knead into a smooth dough, if necessary add some more flour, fill into the greased loaf pan
allow to rest covered for 1 hour in a warm place
bake in the 200° C oven for about 40 minutes

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