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Wild Garlic / Baerlauch

Wild garlic aioli without egg

March 20th, 2018 | starter

I bought the first bunch of wild garlic on the market. You might think it’s finally spring! In our garden, the wild garlic, however, has only dared one to two centimeters to the frosty air. No matter, now begins the delicious wild garlic time, which then merges seamlessly into the culinary at least as great asparagus time. Under the motto “It does not get any greener”, I stirred up a wild garlic aioli for you as a prelude.

Wild garlic aioli without egg

The inspiration for this aioli I got during our last visit to La Palma/Canary Islands. There, the owner of the restaurant Enriclai offered a very fine rocket aioli “without egg”, as she always emphasized. After some fiddling, the quantities are right and the aioli is really a blast – as a sauce for the first BBQ of the year or as a small starter plate: brush toasted bread with aioli, a few olives and cheese cubes – done.

You can vary the spicyness of the aioli depending on your taste. With about 10 g wild garlic you get a rather mild cream. With 20 g of it, the whole thing has a fine spiciness that you would not necessarily expect from the wild garlic. By the way, you can prepare the aioli also with rocket salad and a bit of garlic.

Note: the aioli seems to be a bit liquid at the beginning, but the consistency changes after a short while, it gets more creamy.

Wild garlic aioli without egg

(The wild garlic aioli stays in the fridge for 2-3 days)

50 ml of milk
20 g wild garlic, roughly cut
1 ts coarse sea salt
puree with the blender
100 - 120 ml rapeseed oil
add slowly in a fine stream until the aioli has the consistency of mayonnaise

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