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Beef roulades - the classic par excellence

January 29th, 2019 | main dishes

Beef roulades, gently stewed with dark sauce, everyone loves it. It is probably one of the most typical German dishes. At times, when there was still “the Sunday roast”, roulades could not be missing. How to get the right spin for the rolls, I show you today step by step.

Beef roulades - the classic par excellence

It would certainly be good for us and our environment, if we would continue to feed ourselves today on the principle of “Sunday roast”. During the week simple fare, little meat and on the weekend the crowning weekly finale: “the Sunday roast”. Oh, how did you look forward to it then.

The beef roulade, one of my favorite classics of German cuisine, is really easy to prepare. Of course it takes some time. The roulades must be stuffed and rolled, then they are seared, deglazed and gently braised until they are buttery soft. But the effort is worth it!

Meat, bacon, onions, spices – all this results in a wonderful brown sauce. This alone is a treat – and so I freeze sauce leftovers and enjoy them later with Schupfnudeln, spaetzle, dumplings & Co. Speaking of “freezing” – roulades themselves are also ideal for freezing. So I always prepare twice the amount I actually need…

As an exception, for this recipe I give no quantities. Simply because it does not depend on a little more or less onion or mustard. Just try it! Spaetzle or dumplings and, of course, red cabbage are a perfect match as side dishes.

Beef roulades

beef roulades
spread the meat on the work surface, depending on your appetite and size, you can halve the meat slices
coat the roulades with a good heaped teaspoon of mustard
salt, pepper from the mill
spice up vigorously
fat or streaky bacon, in thin slices
place on the roulades

onions, in strips
place on the roulades, leaving the last quarter free
place a halfed cucumber on top of the onions, then roll up the roulades towards the free quarter and either stick with toothpicks or tie with kitchen string

clarified butter
sear the roulades in a roasting pan in the hot fat, they should take nice color, if you prepare a larger number of roulades, sear them in portions, take out of the roasting pan
1 onion, diced
1 carrot, diced
1 piece of celery, diced
sear vegetables in frying fat
red wine
deglaze with a good dash of red wine, stir the roasting substances from the ground with, bring to a boil, again deglaze with a dash of red wine, boil again until the liquid is almost evaporated
water or broth
add water or broth, the liquid should cover the roulades just short
bay leaf
add, cook in a closed roasting pan with mild heat for about 1 hour
remove roulades from the sauce, remove wooden skewers or kitchen string, keep warm
pass the sauce through a fine sieve
food starch
stir 1 tsp starch into a little water, heat the sauce, stir in the starch until the desired consistency is achieved

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