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Campari Torte

Campari orange in white pantsuit

August 28th, 2018 |

Many years ago, I once met an elderly, chic lady in a white pantsuit on the pier of Usedom [island at the Baltic Sea]. She was sitting there enjoying a Campari orange. As she left, she stopped by our table, said what great kids we had, and left. That was a magical moment. Since then, I have dreamed of living in the house by the sea, drinking my Campari orange in my white pantsuit in the early evening. I’m still working on it. And until then there is the drink as a cake. My Campari cake is the cracker in the summer!

The mascarpone quark cream is summerly refreshing, and the slightly bitter Campari flavor is just right for hot summer days.

Campari Cake

(Attention: cooling time at least 2 hours, can cool overnight without any problems – A total of 255 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice is needed)

1 bright biscuit bottom
lay cake ring around the biscuit bottom
30 ml of orange juice
3 TS orange liqueur
drizzle on the biscuit
2 ts of freshly grated orange peel
sprinkle on it
9 sheets of light gelatin
125 ml of orange juice
soak gelatine in orange juice for 10 minutes
250 g of low-fat quark
250 g mascarpone
120 g of sugar
4 ts freshly grated orange peel
warm and dissolve the gelatine in orange juice, add
2 TS orange liqueur
take 3 TS of the curd cream and mix it with the liqueur under the dissolved gelatin, then pull it under the quark mixture
400 g of cream
whip the cream and fold in the curd mixture, put everything on the bottom of the cake and chill for at least 2 hours
2 - 3 oranges
peel off the white skins completely, cut into thin slices and decorate the cake with it
carefully loosen the cake ring from the cake, then place it again for the casting
100 ml of orange juice
pass the juice through a hair sieve, so that the pulp does not tarnish the cast
1 package clear cake glaze
100 ml Campari
50 ml of water
30 g of sugar
prepare the ingredients according to the instructions on the packaging and pour over the cake, allow to cool
3 TS pistachio nuts, chopped
decorate as desired

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