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Rabbit with stuffed onions and apples

Rabbit with stuffed onions and apples

April 13th, 2019 | main dishes

A festive dish, made for the family party at Easter! The rabbit legs stay in the oven for three hours at low temperature – enough time to prepare the stuffed onions and bring the banquet to the table. Slow Food, so to speak.

Due to the long, gentle cooking time, the rabbit is super-tender and juicy, the stuffed onions taste delicious and are a real eye-catcher. The stewed apples and a velvety-spicy sauce complete a perfect festive meal. Your guests will be thrilled!

Rabbit with stuffed onions and apples

For the stuffed onions, I recommend using Roscoff onions if you can get them. Ask your greengrocer if he can get them at the wholesale market. It is a particularly aromatic and fine onion from Brittany and filled a fantastic side dish, really something very special. You can read more about the Roscoff onion and its history here.

Rabbit with stuffed onions and apples

(4 portions – Preheat the oven to 120° C – Caution: cooking time is 3 hours!)

2 rabbit legs, 2 rabbit shoulders
salt, pepper from the mill
3 TS oil
salt and pepper the meat, sear in a roasting pan in the hot oil until they get golden brown
1 onion, quartered
add to the stew
½ bunch of marjoram
lay aside four stems for decoration, pluck the remaining leaves, chop and add to the rabbit's parts
500 ml game or poultry stock
deglaze, bring to a boil and cook for 3 hours without lid in the oven at 120° C, after 1.5 hours, put the stuffed onions in the oven
120 g toast (from wholegrain wheat flour), in cubes
50 g butter
roast half of the toast cubes golden brown and mix with the unroasted cubes
100 ml of milk, lukewarm
1 egg
1 egg yolk
salt, pepper from the mill
½ bunch of marjoram, chopped
whisk, pour over the bread and mix, add
1-2 TS breadcrumbs
allow to steep while you prepare the onions
8 medium-sized (Roscoff) onions
peel, halve, hollow out
fill the onion halves with the bread mixture, put together, place in a greased casserole dish
cook for about 1.5 hours at 120° C in the oven (rabbit bottom rail, onions above)
after 3 hours of cooking, remove the rabbit parts from the roasting pan, keep warm
pour the gravy through a colander, bring to a boil
1 ts cornstarch
stir in a little cold water, thicken the sauce with it
2 heaped TS crème double
mix in
2 large red-skinned apples
cut out the core with the apple corer and cut the apples into 5 mm thick slices
2 TS butter
fry the apple slices for 1 minute each side in the butter
place the rabbit on the apple slices, arrange with the sauce and the stuffed onions, serve them decorated with marjoram sprigs

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