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Portulak-Mango-Salat mit Schichtkäse-Bällchen

Layered cheese from the Jithof cheese dairy

June 2nd, 2022 | main dishes

What exactly is layered cheese and what can you do with it? A little product information and a recipe for a purslane and mango salad with layered cheese balls. Here we go:

Layered cheese from the Jithof cheese dairy

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Layered cheese is very similar to quark, but is very different in terms of production and consistency. While quark is more creamy and pasty, the layered cheese has more structure and is rather firm – and therefore you can shape it perfectly, but that comes later in the recipe. At the Jithof cheese dairy in Bargstedt near Hamburg, the layered cheese is made from yoghurt. Of course, from their own yoghurt with milk from their own cows. With layered cheese, the curd is poured into the molds layer by layer – hence the name – and the whey runs off. With quark, on the other hand, the whey is separated from the curd by centrifugation, and quark is also stirred until smooth.

The Jithofer layered cheese is juicy and tastes pithy, slightly sour. Of course you can easily eat it with boiled potatoes with lots of fresh herbs and a little linseed oil in a classic and super healthy way. My recipe for layered cheese balls as a topping on a purslane and mango salad with pomegranate dressing is a bit more sophisticated and just right for summer.

Purslane and mango salad with layered cheese balls

(serves 4)

2-3 cloves of garlic
push through the press
1 TS sweet paprika
1 TS sumac
75 ml pomegranate syrup
60 ml olive oil
whisk together all the ingredients into a dressing
1 mango
dice finely
2 tomatoes
cut into columns
1 bunch of purslane
cut out the thick stalks, use only the leaves
½ cucumber
halve, deseed, cut into slices
1 small romaine lettuce
cut into wide strips
1 red onion
Chili peppers (optional)
chilli threads
mix all the salad ingredients with the dressing in a bowl, decorate with the chilli threads
1 bunch of flat-leaf parsley
chop finely
1 bunch of chives
cut into fine rolls
1/2 bed of cress
coarsely chopped
3 sprigs of mint
finely chop the leaves
1 Jithof layered cheese
mix the herbs with the layered cheese
Salt, ground black pepper
season the layered cheese and form small balls, arrange the layered cheese balls on the salad and serve


Of course, the layered cheese balls also go well with other leaf salads. But they taste really good with fresh strawberries. To do this, halve the strawberries, sprinkle with black pepper from the mill and paprika flakes (e.g. Pul Biber from Turkish cuisine) and serve together with the layered cheese balls. Even better: drizzle with some drops of balsamic vinegar.

The fresh taste of the layered cheese perfectly complements the spices and the sweetness of the strawberries!

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