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Corn on the cob

Sun yellow: corn salad with chilli

September 4th, 2021 | main dishes

How do you prepare fresh corn on the cob? Have you always asked yourself that? Then you will find one of many options here: With a Mexican touch, the corn salad with chilli made from corn cut fresh from the cob impresses with aromas of coriander, lime, chilli and creamy cheese. The sweet corn and the spiciness of the chilli complement each other perfectly. Sun yellow enjoyment!

Sun yellow: corn salad with chilli Sun yellow: corn salad with chilli

Now is the time for fresh corn: sweet and juicy, with a crunchy bite. And no comparison to maize in a can or in a jar! When buying the cobs, make sure that the corn is really fresh. Corn loses its sweet taste very quickly after harvest, so it is better not to store the corn, but to consume it on the day of purchase. And how do you recognize crisp, fresh corn? The best thing to do is look under the leaves: the corn kernels must be plump and sun-yellow, if they are sunken, wrinkled and light yellow – hands off, because then it is only good for your chicken…

This corn salad is a wonderful accompaniment to grilled food and is easy to prepare for a BBQ or picnic. Leftovers can be easily wrapped in a wrap pancake the next day or processed into a quesadilla under the contact grill. These are corn (or wheat) flatbreads filled with bean puree, creme fraîche, various types of vegetables – or this corn salad -, lots of pickled jalapeño chilies and cheese and baked. Delicious!

Corn salad with chilli

(Side dish for 4 people)

4 pc fresh corn on the cob
remove the leaves and threads, place the cob with the pointed side on a board and hold on to the base of the stem, cut the kernels close to the stem with a sharp knife
1 clove of garlic, pressed
2 TS lemon mayonnaise (alternatively mayonnaise with a few squirts of lemon juice)
50 g sheep cheese, crumbled
½ ts ancho chili powder
salt, pepper from the mill
1 pinch of sugar
spice up
2 - 3 TS butter
heat in a pan, fry the corn in the butter for about 3 minutes, until it is a little browned, depending on the size of the pan do it in two or more portions
1 ts dried oregano
stir in the corn, let cool down briefly, stir in the cheese-mayonnaise mix while it is still lukewarm
½ bunch of spring onions, cut into rings
½ bunch of coriander, roughly chopped
mix with the salad
1 lime
squeeze out one half and cut the other into wedges
1 small red onion, in rings
50 g sheep cheese, crumbled
season the salad with 1 TS lime juice, pepper and salt, garnish with lime wedges, coriander greens, cheese and onion rings, sprinkle with some ancho chili powder
for even more spiciness, you can add fresh jalapeño chilies or red peppers

Good to know

Ancho chilli powder is a chilli with a mild degree of spiciness. It is made from dried Poblano chilli and tastes fruity and sweet. If you can’t get this type of chilli, you can of course also use other chilli or chilli flakes and dose them carefully. However, the salad should have a certain spiciness as a counterpoint to the sweetness of the corn.

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