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Tuna tartare on cucumber with wasabi mayonnaise

Tuna tartare with wasabi mayonnaise

December 15th, 2018 | starter

A first class appetizer: finest tuna, marinated Asian style, on crisp cucumber – rounded off with wasabi mayonnaise, sesame and cress. Perfect for a finger food buffet or as a small appetizer.

Tuna tartare with wasabi mayonnaise Tuna tartare with wasabi mayonnaise

The tuna bites are made super-fast and are ideal as a prelude to a multi-course menu, because they are light and wholesome. The tuna and mayonnaise can be prepared well two or three hours before the guests arrive, then you just have to build the “little towers”…


The cutting board you see in the photos was kindly provided by “Your Surprise”. There, you can order beautiful gifts online that are personalized with a photo or name. A wide selection of cutting boards can be found here.

Tuna tartare with wasabi mayonnaise

(gives about 24 pieces)

150 g of tuna in best sushi quality
finely dice the tuna
1 TS soy sauce
2 TS of roasted sesame oil
2 TS of mirin (Japanese rice wine, substitute sherry)
mix with the tuna
1 cucumber
peel, cut evenly into 1 cm thick slices, spread the tartare on the cucumber slices
1 TS pickled sushi ginger
drain (possibly pat dry with kitchen paper), finely chop and spread on the tuna snacks
50 g mayonnaise (10% fat)
2 ts of wasabi paste
salt, black pepper from the mill
mix, sprinkle ½ ts on each tuna snack
1 TS of sesame seeds, dry roasted
1 ts black cumin (black onion seed)
some red radish cress
garnish the snacks with seeds and cress


Of course, the tuna tartare goes well with prosecco. But try a well-cooled rosé wine. Our recommendation: the two young winemakers Fritz & Ulli’s 2016 Mango Tree from the Palatinate. A detailed blog post about the special wines of the two you will find soon on my blog.

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