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Cheese Waffles with Tomato Sauce

Cheese Waffles with Tomato Sauce

September 6th, 2018 | main dishes

The Austrians call the tomato “Paradeiser”. During late summer I can understand this name well. Everywhere in the markets and maybe even in your own garden, the red, ripe fruits are shining and at this time of the year, they actually taste heavenly delicious. Time for tomato dishes of all kinds – today I’ll show you cheese waffles with tomato sauce.

Cheese Waffles with Tomato Sauce

If you think waffles have to go with icing sugar and hot cherries, you’re wrong. Waffles also are good as a savoury meal – and make children’s eyes shine. I’m talking from experience…

The dough and the sauce for this dish can be prepared excellently. Freshly baked, of course, the waffles taste best. Better to plan one or the other extra waffle, they are so delicious.

Cheese waffles with tomato sauce

(4 portions)

100 g butter, room warm
3 eggs, room warm
½ ts salt
beat until frothy
250 g flour
¼ ts baking powder
125 ml water
125 ml cream
stir under the butter-egg mixture
100 g mountain cheese, grated
stir in, let dough rest for 15 minutes
1 kg of tomatoes
core, dice
1 onion, chopped
1 garlic clove, chopped
3 TS olive oil
fry the onion and garlic
1 TS brown (vanilla)sugar
add and caramelize, add the tomatoes and stew for 10 minutes over medium heat
salt, pepper from the mill
season, puree as desired or leave chunky
1 bunch of basil
cut into thin strips, stir under the tomatoes
bake the dough in a lightly greased waffle iron, serve with the tomato vegetables

And this is how the wife of the captain does it

It is no must to use vanilla sugar for this recipe. I personally put every scraped out vanilla pod into a tin wit brown sugar which then becomes vanilla sugar with a wonderful flavour. This touch of vanilla…  is perfect to flavour many different dishes…

By the way, this tomato sauce also can be served with homemade pasta!

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