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Cucumber salmon sushi - a quick recipe for hot days

July 17th, 2023 | main dishes

Hot days, tropical nights – you don’t have an appetite for a warm meal? And don’t feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time? Then these cucumber salmon sushi are just right for you! They are quickly “assembled” and simply taste delicious! I’ll show you how to do it:

With “real” sushi, the sticky sushi rice keeps the roll in shape. However, the rice must first be washed extensively and then boiled. A rather lengthy procedure. With the Cucumber Salmon Sushi, thinly sliced cucumber strips provide the necessary support for salmon, salad, etc. Together with one or maybe two or three different dips, this green roll is simply unbeatable! Also ingenious: Use raw sashimi-quality salmon instead of smoked salmon.

Vegetarians can of course also use mango strips, roasted, chopped cashews or peanuts instead of salmon, I can also imagine a very thin fried omelette or crumbled feta cheese – there are no limits to your imagination.

Cucumber Salmon Sushi

(serves 2 as a starter)

1 organic cucumber
wash the cucumber, cut unpeeled into thin strips lengthwise with a vegetable peeler
lay the cucumber strips out on a cutting board, overlapping
100 g of cream cheese
distribute in the lower third on the cucumber strips
1 avocado, cut into thin strips
spread flat on the cream cheese
100 g smoked salmon
spread on the avocado strips
2 handfuls of baby spinach or rocket salad
spread on the smoked salmon
some sprigs of coriander
put on the spinach or rocket
now fold the cucumber strips over the filling (if necessary, use a spatula (better: dough card) and roll up the whole thing tightly into a roll
slice the roll with a sharp knife and arrange the cucumber sushi
black pepper, freshly ground
Piment d'Espelette or ground chili
sprinkle spices over the sushi slices and serve

Wasabi ginger dip

1/2 ts wasabi paste (more if you like)
1 TS dark soy sauce
1 level ts of sugar
1/4 ts salt
1 1/2 TS lime juice
2 TS water
1 heaped ts ginger, finely chopped
mix all the ingredients into a dip

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